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Adult Leader for Village

Information Regarding Fees and Estimated Program Costs (Adult)

Fees and other program costs are kept at a reasonable level because CISV is a non-profit, all-volunteer organization. Incidentals are for miscellaneous items, and are NOT included in the program cost listed below. These cost estimates include all known major expenses associated with the program. Scholarship (financial assistance) may be available based on need.


This reflects the projected fees.

  1. Fees are payable in full at the time of selection into the program. Adults have the option to join CISV as an individual or have their entire family join the organization. These are the only official program costs, however please see Incidentals below.

    CISV DC Family Membership
    CISV DC Individual Membership $50
  1. Incidentals are costs for miscellaneous items for which you will be responsible in preparation for the delegations travel. These costs are not included in the total estimate.

    • Physical Examination - A required CISV form will be provided for a medical examination to be performed by a physician after selection.

    • National Costume - This is selected by each delegation. In the past, our USA national costume has involved themes such as surfing, square dancing, or baseball, as just a few examples. The delegation will host a "National Night" program at the Village to represent the United States, at which time they will share food or snacks, skits, songs and/or dances that the delegation has prepared prior to departure.

    • Spending Money - This will be to pay for miscellaneous items at the Village (and before, after, during travel, etc...). There will be a camp store selling stamps, cards and snacks as well as T-shirts. Usually a few sightseeing excursions and a shopping trip are planned for the Villagers, as well as some time off for the adult leader (in which spare cash will be needed).

    • Adequate Camp Clothing - Appropriate clothing will be suggested in pre-camp correspondence from each Village. New, expensive clothing is not recommended, as everyone tends to trade clothing items with their new friends from other countries. Villagers (and leaders) spend most of their time in the Village participating in games, sports and craft activities.

    • Staff Gifts - It is customary for the leader and/or delegation to bring the camp staff a gift.

    • Passports and Visas - Those traveling to other countries will be required to have a passport. Sometimes a visa is also required. Apply for a passport as soon as possible, as they can take up to 6 months to process!

The member ship fee is due at the first orientation meeting, usually held in March, within a few weeks after selection.

Note: Your travel costs are paid by the families.