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Adult Leader for Village

Objectives of the Program

CISV strives to promote peace and cooperation among nations. It does this through the development of international understanding among people, focusing on youth. This overall goal is pursued with different programs for youth of various ages. The Village program is specifically designed for youth who are 11 years old and their adult volunteer leaders. Its immediate objective is to develop in the participants an understanding that people of different cultures can work and play together amicably. Another objective is to stimulate interest and learning about other cultures, as well to create lasting bonds of friendship among members of different countries.

How the Program Works

The Village program consists of a "camp" experience, lasting about a month, in one of the CISV member nations. Delegations, each consisting of 2 boys, 2 girls and an adult leader come together from 12 different nations. Activities include games, music, arts and crafts etc. Leaders work cooperatively with the Village staff and junior counselors in planning and conducting all village activities. In addition, each delegation prepares a National Night program where they present information and share something of their culture with the others. Occasional excursions and a mid-camp weekend home-stay with a CISV family offer the children a first hand experience with the culture of the host nation.

Adult leaders get 24-hours off. Additionally, the adult group has a weekend away with eachother, as well as a "night out" during the camp - which often includes dinner at a nice resturant, or something similar.