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Adult Leader for Step Up

Step Up Leader Application Directions

Look at the available programs and apply online by clicking here.

Download and complete the necessary supplemental application forms from:

  • For deadlines, please see calendar for details. We appreciate having applications in as early as possible to help us plan for selection. If you are past the deadline, please contact us to see if we are still accepting new applicants.

  • We'd love for you to also send a photo

  • Once Completed please scan and email (contact us for the submission email address) or mail the associated forms to:

    CISV DC Selection Committee
    P.O. Box 5670
    Washington, DC 20016


Provide three references:

  • One from your present or recent employer, supervisor, professor, or principal
  • One from a person who has knowledge of your ability to work with children
  • One from an individual that knows you on a personal level
Provide the referees (persons providing your references) with an envelope with the address below printed on it, so that they may send it directly to the CISV Adult Selection Committee. Referees must complete and mail reference forms to the CISV Adult Selection Committee.

CISV DC Selection Committee
P.O. Box 5670
Washington, DC 20016

Alternatively, they may email the reference to us by using our contact form.

Please direct any questions regarding CISV, the Step Up Program, costs, or assistance in completing the application to us at our contact form.