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Junior Leader for Interchange

First, please read about the Interchange program on our website. The Junior Leader plays a similar role to that of a JC - in that they link the youth participants together, and provide a bridge between the youth and the adult leader. Jr. Leader positions are not always available, so please check the current opportunities to find out if this year's Interchange has a spot for a junior leader. If you're interested, please follow the instructions below to apply.


The forms for the Junior Leader position are the same as the JC forms - please make note that you are applying for the Junior leader position, NOT the JC position.
Download the following forms:

Leadership Application (Print 1 copy)
Supplement for Junior Counselor Applicants (Supplement JC) (Print 1 copy)
Confidential Reference Form for CISV Leadership/Staff Positions (Print 3 copies)


  • The Deadline for applications is January 15th, 2010 (at the Mini Camp - see calendar for details). We appreciate having applications in as early as possible to help us plan for selection. If you are past the deadline, please contact us to see if we are still accepting new applicants.

  • Make sure to include a photo on the Supplement JC form

  • Once Completed please scan and email (contact us for the submission email address), or mail the Applications to:

    CISV DC Jr. Leader Selection Committee
    P.O. Box 5670
    Washington, DC 20016


Provide three references:

  • One from a current or recent teacher
  • One from an adult who knows of your ability to work with children
  • One from an adult that knows you on a personal level

On Confidential Reference Form for CISV Leadership/Staff Positions, fill in:

  • Applicant's Information
  • Check Junior Counselor box under "seeking appointment as"
  • "In the following CISV programs" write Village
  • Fill in host country if known
  • To answer the question "applicant has provided CISV Program and Leadership Description to Referee" as yes, you may give them information from our website that describes the Village program.

Due date of form is January 15, 2010.

Provide the referees (persons providing your references) with an envelope with the address below printed on it, so that they may send it directly to the CISV Selection Committee. Referees must complete and mail reference forms to the CISV Selection Committee:

In box for "Please return form to", write:

CISV DC Jr. Leader Selection Committee
P.O. Box 5670
Washington, DC 20016

Alternatively, they may email the reference to us by using our contact form.

Provide the referees (persons providing your reference) with an envelope with the above address printed on it, so that they may send it directly to the CISV Selection Committee.

Please direct any questions regarding CISV, our programs, costs, or assistance in completing the application to us at our contact form.


Information Regarding Fees and Estimated Program Costs (Jr. Leader)

Fees and other program costs are kept at a reasonable level because CISV is a non-profit, all-volunteer organization. Incidentals are for miscellaneous items, and are NOT included in the program cost listed below. These cost estimates include all known major expenses associated with the program. Scholarship (financial assistance) may be available based on need.


This reflects the projected fees. These are close estimates.

  1. Fees are payable in full at the time of selection into the program.

    Program Cost (Flights Included!)
    CISV DC Family Membership
    Total $1,775

  2. Incidentals are costs for miscellaneous items for which you will be responsible. These costs are not included in the total estimate.

    In addition to known expense items, you will be responsible for paying all costs associated with hosting your Interchange partner for his/her time here in DC (food, entertainment, etc.) as if the child were a member of your own family. Interchange participants, however, are responsible for their own shopping money and incidental spending money for items such as gifts, souvenirs, film, stamps, postcards, etc.

    You are encouraged to host your Interchange partner while continuing - insofar as possible - normal family activities rather than arranging excessive or extraordinary entertainment. CISV is intended to be a cultural learning experience, not a travel program or non-stop tour.

    When your child travels, you will provide personal spending money for gifts, souvenirs, etc. Spending money should not be excessive. The exact amount of spending money is determined by mutual agreement among families in each Interchange Delegation, and usually ranges from $300 to $400 for the entire Interchange visit.