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Adult Leader for Interchange

Interchange Leader Responsibilities

  1. Attend and participate fully in the mandatory local training sessions and in the national Leadership Training weekend (Spring).
  2. Pay the required fees, as outlined in the application package, at the first orientation meeting.
  3. Plan and conduct activities which prepare the delegation for the Interchange program, including but not limited to:
    • Help delegation prepare scrapbooks about delegation members and the city of Jacksonville to exchange with partner delegation
    • Plan and prepare with the delegation, a "National Night" including special food and costumes if needed
    • Lead the delegates and families in preparing a calendar of activities for the hosting phase of the interchange
    • Coordinate with families to conduct delegation "get-togethers" prior to the start of interchange and in the months between host/travel portions to establish/maintain "group feeling"
    • Guide the delegation in obtaining inexpensive gifts for the partners and host families
  4. Complete forms required by CISV, and submit them on time.
  5. Respond to communications from the leader of the partner Interchange, complying with requests and time frames.
  6. Aid the delegation with travel preparations, including but not limited to:
    • Helping to obtain passports (and visas if required) in good time
    • Obtaining information about required immunizations, and ensuring that the group has those required
    • Coordinating with the CISV travel agency regarding travel plans (these plans are made by the agency and approved by the Chapter Board of Directors)
  7. Give a general accounting of group monies, and a specific accounting of emergency monies you will carry for each delegate.
  8. Attend the Spring and Fall general meetings of the Jacksonville Chapter with your delegation, including giving a presentation on your preparation activities or your experiences.
  9. Continue CISV involvement for at least the year immediately following the Interchange. Involvement includes post-interchange activity with delegation and parents, recruiting delegates and leaders for future Interchanges and promoting CISV in the community.
  10. Be wiling to acquire a thorough knowledge of CISV, and adhere to the goals and philosophy of the organization.
  11. Exhibit behavior that is mature, responsible and appropriate in keeping with CISV philosophy and the role of leader for youth.
  12. Develop good rapport with all the program participants and their families, promoting a group feeling among them.
  13. Be aware and communicate any health problems the children have, and be able to deal with such problems if they arise, and be able to assist host families in dealing with such problems.