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The Mosaic program (formerly known as Local Work) is a continuous peace education process. It involves Chapter and local community members of all ages who want to nurture CISV philosophy within their local community and personal lives. Local chapters organize activities promoting cross-cultural understanding and peace education that draw upon local cultures, resources, and members. Networking with other organizations with common goals strengthens the Local Work Program.

Mosaic promotes activities that contribute toward achieving specific CISV Program goals as listed below:

  • To provide an opportunity for individuals to develop a global perspective and philosophy of life and an active desire to work for peace.
  • To provide individuals an opportunity to learn by experience to live amicably with others irrespective of cultural background.
  • To promote education relating to human rights, rights of the child and fundamental freedom
  • Complementing and cooperating with organizations having similar purposes
  • Contributing through research and experience to science for international relations and non-violent conflict resolution

The international programs (Village, Interchange etc) and the Mosaic program complement each other within the overall CISV program. Although young people may participate in many parts of the international programs, those who participate in a planned and systematic Mosaic program are far more likely to develop the qualities and acquire the knowledge which the CISV program is designed to provide.

The aim of Mosaic is to provide a long-term peace education experience and to consolidate the lessons learned in CISV's international programs. Mosaic is a means of introducing and involving more people in CISV who have not participated in international programs.